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Testimonials for Lean Muscle Formula (FS-72)

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I started taking FS-72 and FHC at the start of a bulking cycle to see if it would help me. I was amazed when after only a few days I noticed big changes in my body. I was able to get to sleep much faster than usual and was getting a more deep and restful nights sleep which meant I felt great when I hit the gym the following day. Within a few weeks I was no longer getting muscle soreness after a heavy weights session and was able to push harder than I ever had before. My vascularity and muscle density increased as well and after 12 weeks of using the products I was able to put on an incredible 15 kilos in 12 weeks.  It’s definitely a fantastic product and one I will continue to use daily.
Joey A
Weight Training
Here's an overview of my 2 months taking Athlete's
Advantage Lean Muscle Formula FS-72:
No major changes in diet - clean eating 3 meals a day while keeping protein high and avoiding bread and sugars.
Gym: 3 times a week, sometimes 4
Side effects: increased
strength and energy at the gym, restlessness immediately after consumption. Some nausea when taken on an empty stomach, although never enough to induce vomiting.
Results: Approx 0.5kg muscle gained, approx 4.3 (!) kg of fat lost.
Bench press increased from 75 kg 3 x 5 to 87.5 kg 3 x 5
Squat 100 kg 3 x 5 to 120 kg 3 x 5
Press 52.5 kg 3 x 5 to 60 kg 3 x 5

Theo Sydney
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Weight Training

From within about a week of use, I saw a dramatic increase in agility and energy. I was able to push myself into lifting more heavy weights and my endurance shot up to levels I haven’t experienced before. Fat was lost, giving me a more toned look while overall muscle mass increased, evident in both my increased ability to lift and the overall fat reduction clearly seen in the pictures.
Although not the best tasting drink, combining it with juice did the job.

Adam S

I averaged 1.4kg of lean muscle every month.
Not bad for casual training.

Anthony A
Boot Camp Training
FS-72 has been phenomenal, since taking it I train harder, I train longer, endurance is significantly increased and recovery time reduced. I’ve lost an extra 10kg since using it and an increase in muscle size and strength. I love it.
Cody B