UA-74504292-1 Deordorant that works all day


Definition: a substance which removes or conceals unpleasant smells, especially bodily odours.

It is important for an athlete and anyone training to use a deodorant rather than use an antiperspirant. A good workout generates a great deal of power and heat. So you will perspire (ladies like to perspire) or sweat (men just sweat). LOL.

My mission was to create a natural deodorant that works, lasts all day or even longer. Sweat like crazy in a gym class and still smell good (well unless you ate heaps of garlic the night before). Tried to find one. A few came close. So I created one.
A deodorant that powers on through. Sweat or perspire but don't smell. You can even put it on smelly feet.

Ok there are formal occasions that you need an antiperspirant but that should be formal events only.

The deodorant has mild pleasant smell that disappears after a short time. The active ingredients (mainly essential oils) still keep on working as they suppress the microbes and fungal activity.

Why is it bad on a long term to use antiperspirants?

When you use antiperspirants you sweat glands and pores are blocked. The body is trying to lose heat via sweating. Blocking can lead to infections resulting in painful swelling. This is especially a problem in tropical climates. Also their are major lymph glands in the armpits that can be infected and contaminated with aluminium. The lymph glands in the armpit service the breasts. Aluminium absorption from antiperspirants may be a contributing factor to breast cancer.