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Fulvic Humic Concentrate (Fulvic Acid)

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Scientists have discovered this missing link in our food chain, and can see that the rapidly increasing degenerative diseases worldwide may be directly related to the absence of this substance in the human diet.

Virus Protection & Fulvic Acid
Research shows that humic acid, of which fulvic acid forms part, binds so strongly to viruses that it can actually displace them from a cell surface. In vitro studies have shown, for example, that if you allow herpes simplex viruses to attach to host cells and then add humic acid to the solution, it will displace viruses from infected cell surfaces. That is, humic acid has a greater affinity for the virus than the virus does for the host cell. Thus, humic acid can actually displace a virus even after it has attached itself to the surface of a cell.
Can Fulvic Acid Treat or Prevent Coronavirus?
As leaders in the production of Fulvic Acid supplements, we are frequently asked by people if Fulvic Acid (a known antiviral substance) can also treat or prevent coronavirus (Covid-19). The short answer to that important question is that – at this point in time – we don’t know; and in fact scientists do not yet know what does treat the novel coronavirus.
The long answer, however, is that many scientific studies – including research by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – have shown that Humic / Fulvic acid, when consumed before some viruses invade the body, can be highly effective in preventing certain other diseases.
This article makes no claims as to whether Humic Acid and/or Fulvic Acid can prevent or arrest illness from the coronavirus (Covid-19). However, we would like to share the promising research of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that has concluded that Humic acid is a highly effective general antiviral.
How Scientists Believe Humic / Fulvic Acid Fight Viruses
Scientific studies have shown that if a host cell is penetrated by a virus before the introduction of the Humic / Fulvic Acid, the virus will continue to reproduce. But, once the virus reproduces and releases new viruses into the bloodstream the presence of Humic / Fulvic Acid can prevent the new generation of viruses from attaching to additional new host cells.
Research shows that humic acid, of which fulvic acid forms part, binds so strongly to viruses that it can actually displace them from a cell surface. In vitro studies have shown, for example, that if you allow herpes simplex viruses to attach to host cells and then add humic acid to the solution, it will displace viruses from infected cell surfaces. That is, humic acid has a greater affinity for the virus than the virus does for the host cell. Thus, humic acid can actually displace a virus even after it has attached itself to the surface of a cell.
It is important to note that
these studies were not conducted on the coronavirus specifically – since this strain of virus (Covid-19) has only recently surfaced. However, many people are already asking us if Humic / Fulvic Acid may also be effective in quelling the reproduction of the coronavirus in the body, since it has proven general antiviral properties.
NIH Study on Humates as an Antiviral
Almost twenty years ago the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was already studying the antiviral properties of Humic / Fulvic acid. And in 2002 the NIH published a report entitled “Broad Spectrum Antiviral Effectiveness of Humates”.
This NIH study centered on Humic acid’s antiviral properties for preventing viral diseases such as influenza, herpes, chicken pox, mononucleosis, Ebola virus and Hanta virus. The published results of the National Institutes of Health study revealed that Humic acid was effective in preventing disease when taken before a virus invaded the body.
Subsequent tests were performed on multiple other virus types (but not the coronavirus) all of which further confirmed that Humic acid offers broad antiviral protection. (CLICK HERE to read more about this research).
There are many similarities between the Covid-19 virus and the Ebola virus (EBV) and Hantavirus – including risk of severe respiratory distress – although they are not the same virus. So we cannot state if the same antiviral effects of Fulvic acid proven in the NIH study will be effective against coronavirus, as well.
Fulvic / Humic Acid – The 100% Natural, Nontoxic Antiviral
In addition to having proven antiviral properties, these same tests showed that Humic acid bound itself to human cells but was not itself toxic – and that the Humic / Fulvic acid did not inhibit or interfere with the body’s normal cell development or reproduction.
In other words, unlike harsh antiviral medications, Humic / Fulvic acid does not have any “contraindications” or harmful and dangerous side-effects. This does
not mean that humates are a substitute for medications prescribed by your treating physician. (Never discontinue a prescribed medication without first consulting with your doctor.) But it does mean that Humic / Fulvic acid can be safely taken for its antiviral properties by almost any man, woman or child.
Fulvic acid is 100% natural and organic and is derived from plant matter that was naturally composted over millions of years, resulting in the purest most concentrated form of organic matter referred to as humates. Often called “the miracle molecule” Fulvic acid contains the micronutrients and minerals the body needs to maintain health – and nothing else. Not a single medical study has ever shown any risk, side-effects or complications from taking Fulvic acid as a supplement.
Buy Antviral Fulvic Acid Supplements
While we can make no claims about Fulvic Acid’s specific effects on coronavirus infection, scientific studies have proven its well-documented antiviral properties.   Readers are encouraged to discuss the benefits of Fulvic acid, and any other supplements they are taking, with their personal health care providers – so that they can draw their own conclusions as to what is best for them.
Since there are no known risks – and many documented health benefits – perhaps you too will consider Fulvic acid as part of your routine for living a healthy life during these challenging times.

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Fulvic Acid Report
By: Brian Sakae
Oct 10, 2005

Until recently, most of the world has been kept in the dark about a "miraculous" medical discovery that is so safe, powerful and effective that "doctors" spanning the globe have used it for thousands of years with amazing results.
Called the "missing link" to optimum health and nutrition by leading scientists, medical studies have shown that this "secret extract" has the ability to change one's life for the better.
Scientists have discovered this "missing link" in our food chain, and can see that the rapidly increasing degenerative diseases worldwide may be directly related to the absence of this substance in the human diet.
Now, experts know that more than vitamins and minerals are required for optimal health, and this third nutritional element may be equally important.
This breakthrough discovery is supported by little-known and even secret medical research coming from top institutions around the world... medical schools, hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical laboratories.
Most of the world doesn't yet know about this amazing discovery and for some very good reasons:
  • Scientists didn't know it existed, couldn't detect it, and when they finally did identify it, it was so complex that they couldn't understand it.

  • Some of the medical institutions doing the research are more interested in making enormous profits from developing synthetic patented drugs, which is why they prefer you not know about this natural alternative.

  • Pharmaceutical companies have been rushing to patent synthetic versions of this natural substance, and dozens of patents have been approved. Yet Mother Nature has them all beat because they'll never be able to duplicate her handiwork. This substance is far too complex!

  • An estimated 80% of pharmaceutical drugs are tiny, isolated synthetic fractions of this WHOLE AND COMPLETE "missing link" from nature.

Humic Acid

So what, you may be asking yourself, is this "Miracle Substance?" The answer lies in the Earth's very own ancient and rich soil deposits more commonly known as Humus. Humus is that organic portion of soil that remains after millions of years of microbial decomposition of plants and vegetation.
Further decomposition of these ancient remains form our oil and coal deposits. But geologists have found another most unusual strata that are called humic deposits.
They are quite rare and can be found only in certain areas of the world. It is these deposits that are exceedingly rich in our miraculous, little known substance called Humic Acid.

What Is Humic Acid?

Humic acid, by definition, is a fraction of humic substances composed of a long chain molecule, which is high in molecular weight, dark brown in color and soluble in an alkaline solution. Again, little is known about this amazing molecular complex but what is known is that Humic acid, depending on the need for balance in the whatever situation, can behave as both a donor or acceptor of electrons. What this means in laymen's terms is that it will bind to both positive and negatively charged ions making it the most powerful free-radical scavenger and natural anti-oxidant known. Which makes sense, since Humic Acid has long been used in various ancient cultures as folk remedies for a wide variety of illnesses? The following are excerpts from Bard, R. Effects of Humic Acid on Animals and Humans, 2002, pages 3-7, a review of current research of the many traditional uses for Humic Acid:

Immune System:

"Humates bolster (sic) the immune system. Dr. Daryl See, M.D., Immunologist of UCLA Medical School suggests that the mechanism is related to the humates ability to complex sugars within the body. "The abundance of these complex sugars allows the body to manufacture glycoproteins that attach to the killer and T cell acting as a modulator or communication link between the cells. This regulates the immune system cells and prevents either T or Killer cells from becoming out of balance.

Types Of T Cells

T cells are a subset of lymphocytes that play a large role in the immune response. The abbreviation "T" stands for thymus, the organ in which their final stage of development occurs.
Cytotoxic "Killer" T cells (CD8+) destroy infected cells. These cells function as "killer" or cytotoxic cells because they are able to destroy target cells which express specific antigens that they recognise.
Helper T cells (CD4+) are "middlemen" in the immune response. When they get activated, they proliferate and secrete cytokines that regulate or "help" effector lymphocyte function. They are known as one of the targets of HIV infection, and the decrease of CD4+ T cells results in AIDS. Some helper T cells secrete cytokines that turn off the immune response once an antigen has been eliminated from the body.
Suppressor T cells (also known as regulatory T cells) suppress activation of the immune system and maintain immune system homeostasis. Failure of regulatory T cells to function properly may result in autoimmune diseases in which the immunocytes attack healthy cells in the body
"Along this same line, burn victims and radiation sickness experience immune system responses that attack the body's dead cells creating unwanted infections. "Humates cause the immune system to recognise its own dead cells thereby reducing infection. Baylor Medical School is currently researching humates both topically applied and internally dosed for burn victims to reduce infections. "Russian scientists are using the same principle for the treatment of radiation sickness. Sodium humate has been found to increase the lifespan of mongrel rats exposed to lethal doses of cobalt radiation8."*

Anti-Viral Properties:

"Humates are effective media additives for the production of antibiotics in the soil45. Humic substances have long been known to exhibit anti-viral properties44 in particular rhinoviruses35.
What Is A Rhinovirus?
A rhinovirus is a virus member of the family Picornaviridae. The rhinoviruses are single stranded positive sense RNA viruses. They are the most common viral infective agents in humans. The most well known disease caused by rhinoviruses is the common cold. There are over 100 serologic virus types which cause cold symptoms and rhinoviruses are responsible for around 50% of all cases. The name comes from the Greek rhin, which means "nose".
Viral pathogens for which soil-extract materials have been shown to be effective include in particular Coxsackie virus A9 (34), herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), influenza type A and B, as well as other respiratory tract infections.
The mechanism whereby humic substances inhibit the cytopathicity (sic) of a number of viruses has been studied in some depth. It is thought that the materials prevent viral replicating by sorbing onto the viral envelope protein and thereby blocking the sorption of viral particles to cell surfaces
What Does "Sorbing" Mean?
Sorb: To take up and hold, as by absorption or adsorption
Humic acids have also been employed as veterinary medicine therapy successfully employing peat mull (extracted humic acid) to prevent the transmission of foot and mouth disease in pigs(33). Humate is a pharmacy that raises non-specific organism resistance. This fact was confirmed by using such models as atoxic anemia, toxic hepatitis, peptic ulcer and hypercholesterolimia15."

Detoxifying Properties:

"Fulvic acid, a component of humate, is a strong chelator. It is unique in its chelating ability. Life sustaining minerals, when chelated by fulvic, are placed in a chemical state (phyto-state) such that they are readily absorbed by the cell or organism. Toxic heavy metals are also chelated but placed in a chemical state that is difficult for cellular absorption.
Fulvic acid is vital for binding to pollutants such as pesticides and herbicides and catalyzing their breakdown and dispersal. For instance, the toxic herbicide known as “Paraquat” is rapidly detoxified by fulvic acid.
Promisingly, most radioactive substances seem to react rapidly with fulvic acid, to form inactive complexes that can then be excreted from the body.

What Does Chelate Mean?

To remove (a heavy metal, such as lead or mercury) from the bloodstream by means of a chelate (A chemical compound in the form of a heterocyclic ring, containing a metal ion attached by coordinate bonds to at least two nonmetal ions).
"Fulvic acid acts as a filter for toxic metals. It will grab a toxic metal and immobilize it which prevents it from migrating or chemically reacting.
"When crops are grown on soils deficient in fulvic acid, toxic metals can be absorbed by the plant and passed into the food chain. Many of our foods present today are grown under conditions of "worn out" soil. As a result, more toxic metals are being ingested.
Fulvic acid has the capability of removing these toxic metals from the body." *

Microbial Interaction:

"Humates are known to stimulate microbial activity. In soil testing for microbial activity, levels increased 400 to 5000 times with the introduction of humate (300 ppm) into the soil. Humates added to feed rations stimulate the microbial growth and the extent can be quite large depending upon the species, the culture medium, and the environment45. "Humic substances have been also known to exhibit anti-microbial properties. Species for which natural humic substances have been shown to be inhibitory include:
C. Albicans
Ent. Cloacac
Prot. Vulgaris
Ps. Aeruginosa
S. typhimurium
St. aureus
St. epidermidis
Str pyogenes12

What Should One Look For In A Humic Acid Supplement?

If you are one of the millions of people that would benefit from humic acid supplementation, be sure to look for a high quality extraction that has been specifically manufactured, sterilized, standardized and prepared safe for human consumption. Also, not all humic complexes exhibit maximum binding activity. An extract with purity, quality and predictable product should be your only choice.