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Smoothie Booster

  • Smoothie Booster

Smoothie Booster

This product is a mix of powdered herbs, vegetables and Fruit Juice powder.

The aim is to assist increasing testosterone and minimise oxidation or binding testosterone into DHT.

It assists the prostate and can be beneficial if the prostate is not functioning as normal.

Good for guys getting off steriods (steriods shut the testicles down) and aiding the system to start producing your own testosterone.

Also guys over 40 years of age may have a reduction in male hormones and rather than taking artificial stuff it is worth a try using the Smoothie Booster to assist in hormone production and prostate problems.

Gals doing any high performance athletic workouts can take a half dose.


Smoothie Booster 240gm


2 containers Smoothie Booster 240gm