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Lean Muscle Formula

  • Lean Muscle Formula

Lean Muscle Mass Builder 1 Litre

How much do I take?

6 pumps (approx 20ml) in a glass of water. 10-30 minutes before workout. The formula has dual properties. Firstly it enhances endurance and performance during your workout (whether it be weight lifting, boxing, swimming, running (sprint or marathon) or any event that requires effort.

Secondly, it helps very well with muscle recovery. You will not be as sore the next day.

Ohter effects:

People have noticed the following - good sleep, accelerated muscle reflex, endurance, ripped body, chronic muscle fatigue recovery and quicker synapse response.


Lean Muscle Formula 1 Litre


Lean Muscle Formula 500ml


Lean Muscle Formula 100ml


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